czwartek, 14 marca 2013

Scrum? Yes, I'll have one, please!

There is one of those soft skills training like "Conflict management" or "Team building". The trainer is a woman with psychological background. After the usual part that is delivered during every soft skills training (and, surprisingly, this part is almost always the same on every training) there is a break. The trainer asks people what they do in their job and it may well be that she is really interested in what people say, or maybe she's just pretending. Regardless, she goes like this:

- Could you tell me more about this Scrum thing you mentioned? How do you do it exactly?

One of the trainees feels he's the one who must speak up:

- Well, we meet every day at 9:00 and we talk briefly what we did yesterday and what we have to do today and whether anyone has any obstacles. This is called "stand-up". Also, the whole project is divided into a number of short periods called iterations and there is the planning at the beginning of each and (...)

The trainer is impressed:

- Wow, that sounds like a great idea! I just wonder... could that Scrum thing be used in another sort of business, not necessarily software?

And then there is the key turn of action: the trainee ponders for a while... some more... OK, the neurons have worked out the answer:

- Hmmm.... in general yes, you can. I think you could well adapt it to another domain.

- Oh my, that is so great! I have to sell this idea to the marketing team I have a training with this week!

Let's stop the story here. Scrum is a framework for producing software. Agile Manifesto has been written with software in mind. There is NO evidence that these things would effectively work in, or could be applied to, any other kind of business. Sorry, no. As professionals working in the software business we should not be deceiving people from other businesses that this is something they can use as well.

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