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Wyświetlanie postów z czerwiec, 2013

A reflection on the future of programming languages

I started my first job as a programmer in 2000, a year before I got Master's degree in Computer Science. At that time, a recurring question that was asked by students and graduates was:

Which language should I learn in order to be successful on the market?

It seems like this question is universal and has always been asked, in some cases inquiring about a programming language, another time on a library or a framework.

So, will learning Java pay off better than C++? Does it even make sense to learn C these days? Or will mastering the Java Servlet Pages position one better on the market than learning PHP?

The simple and provocative answer is: it does not matter.

The longer answer is really the rest of this post, so if you are interested, read on.

An interesting phenomenon in the history of software is that many great libraries and products have been created by individuals or, at most, tiny groups of people. Consider these examples - if any of the products seems unfamiliar, read about it on…