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Wyświetlanie postów z kwiecień, 2014

An opinion on code review

Code review is often seen as a way to enhance code quality. My personal views on code review are quite different. I will try to summarize them in a short list. You are welcome to disagree.

code review frees the author from the responsibility for the code; "I don't have to care so much, since others are looking at it as well"code review fits very very poorly into Scrum framework; it delays the completion of tasks and backlog items and produces an inclination in teams to aggregate the reviews into a several-days-long "phase" placed at the end of an iteration (making it effectively a wateration)code reviews are much easier as a process to learn than TDD or SOLID, so developers do them gladly and receive in exchange a feeling of accomplishment (unfortunately):"I give my code to others to review, because I care for code quality""I review the code of others, because they value me as a knowledgeable person"code reviews drag the feedback to the very …