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Agile in metaphores: cars cleaning

Last Saturday I decided to clean our cars, both mine and my wife's. They really needed cleaning. A few days before I bought a nice, industry-grade vacuum cleaner, better suited for this job than the one we use at home. Basic set of tasks that I have to work through to clean a car is this:

vacuum the cartake out foot pads and clean them with water and a detergentclean the inner sides of windowsclean the cockpit with a special detergent so that it looks glossy The weather on that day was not bad, though pretty windy and when I was about half way through the job, it looked like it was going to rain.
What is the best way to complete as much cleaning as possible, if there is the risk of rain? Should I vacuum both cars first, because I already have the vacuum cleaner running? But would anybody consider a car that has been vacuumed, but still has lots of dust on the cockpit clean? I wouldn't and, what's more, my wife certainly wouldn't either. What is the best way then, again,…