sobota, 3 stycznia 2015

Practical Scrum training for Developers - a proposal - your feedback is welcome!

I have an idea of developing a practical Scrum training targeted at Developers that would use hands-on programming examples.

Most of Scrum games that I know of or experienced are metaphores, like building objects with Lego blocks, not real software development. I'm not saying these examples are bad, but there is definitely something lacking in terms of what Developers may practise at a training session.

My objectives for the training are:
  • develop an application and a rough product backlog that could be then refined and implemented during the training session
  • focus on breaking large user stories into smaller and smaller ones
  • incorporate TDD as an XP practice
The training would be done using Python.

Now, I need your feedback: do you think you would sign-up for such a training, if I had one ready? Would you want me to run this training for you? Do you also think that's something that is missing from regular Scrum training offer?

Please use comments or contact me directly with the feedback.

2 komentarze:

  1. yes would be good. but cant the training be in .net?

  2. I would need someone to translate. I could do this in Python, JAVA or a Lisp dialect, but I don't have enough experience of .net / C# to do this.