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Wyświetlanie postów z luty, 2015

Practical Scrum Training (7) Training Scenario

This is the final post in Practical Scrum Training. I will explain now how I imagine the training should be conducted. I imagine one day, with a lunch break, should be enough to cover what I list here below.

The training group should consist of a few (3-4) groups of individuals and there should be from 2 to maybe 4 people in each group. Each group should be seated in from of one computer.

The training begins with a description of the application and the participants should be able to run the included unit tests as well as the application itself.

Then, the trainer presents the initial product backlog.The trainer acts, to some extent, like a Product Owner. The product backlog refinement that we went through in previous posts is not meant to be performed upfront, but rather in several stages, on as-needed basis.

The goal for the teams is to build product increments in artificially short iterations - each 1 or 1.5 h long. The development team performs all regular Scrum events, like planni…