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Wyświetlanie postów z grudzień, 2015

Limit WIP

Although Scrum Guide does not mention this explicitely, it is an important part of sprint planning and the sprint work itself to limit the amount of Work In Progress. Let's look at this aspect in detail and consider some examples.

Without the notion of WIP, several team members may just start work on several backlog items, say 6 developers start 6 different backlog items. In practice, this apporach often goes together with the phenomenon of one developer working on a single backlog item for several days - either because they are too big for one person to complete them quickly or because they are too big in general. If the backlog items are too big, each developer may work on their backlog item even for the whole duration of the sprint. Now, there are some disfunctions in a team that does this:

Each developer is focused on their backlog item, so there is no really teamwork there. If at least 2-3 developers focus together on one backlog item, it fosters collaboration and giv…