sobota, 2 stycznia 2016

Looking back at the year 2015

I want to share some of my reflections over what I experienced in the ending year 2015 in software development area.

I attended two conferences this year: Agile Central Europe and Scrumdays (and ran a Practical Scrum workshop at the latter). The most influential and interesting speeches, in my opinion, were these two:
At each conference, there were lots of Scrum Masters (probably more than 50% of the attendees), quite many Product Owners, many "other people" and very little developers. What were they doing while their Scrum Masters and POs were at a conference? What other kind of gathering they attended last year?
Scaled Scrum / Scaled Agile
It seems like everybody wants to be doing Scaled Something nowadays and everybody wants Scaled Scrum more than they want decent Scrum. When Gunther Verheyen gave his presentation about Nexus at Scrumdays conference he made a joke that everybody wants Scaled Scrum to produce more crappy software. I believe Scrum Masters and Product Owners should pay attention to doing Scrum well not at least to the same degree as to doing scaling well.

Programming languages popularity
Java is making a strong comeback. According to TIOBE, it now has about 20% share. It had 14% at the end of 2014 and now it is back at the level it had in 2005 (15 years ago!). The popularity of Java is corroborated by the amount of job offers in this domain. This is very interesting trend, because a while back it seemed it will go out of favor.

Interestingly, pure C language has not fallen below 15% for the last 7 years and has pretty constant share.