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Wyświetlanie postów z styczeń, 2018

Attitude is more important than skills

I was fortunate to work with a few development teams that were truly cross-functional. Every developer was able to perform several types of tests, build and deploy the product and develop code in layers of the product. Not many teams are like that.

More often than not, teams do specialize by skills like: frontend, backend, testing, etc. A cursory look at a job board makes it clear that the range of specialized skills is even broader: data scientists, Cloud maintenance engineers, DevOps, manual testers, and more. Developers are often hired based on these specialized skills - no surprise they may end up thinking they are there just to do one special kind of job. The risk that we are running here is the deterioration towards groups of uncooperative, though skilled, professionals.

This specialization, in today's world, is inevitable, but it does not have to be bad. It is extremely important to understand that specialization is a factor that influences the way the developers interact w…